Eddie Sit

Passionate about positive changes, living up to our potentials, driving results & bringing people together, Eddie is not afraid to challenge status quo & deliver results in fast pace environments.

He is also a living proof that his talent is highly transferable across markets & industries, bringing solid results & revenue contribution to companies he worked for.

Eddie is currently looking for a challenging role that will excite him & allow him to fully unleash his superpower.


  • Crying Since 1982 — Career Since 2005
  • Status — Single / Hong Kong / Relocate-able / Immediately Available
  • Seniority — Mid-senior / Head of Function
  • Heritage — Hong Kong Chinese
  • Language — English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese (in-progress)


  • Lived & Worked — Hong Kong, Melbourne Australia, Macau, Singapore, Shanghai
  • Industries — Internet Company, Media, E-commerce, Hospitality, Aviation


  • Projects — 730pm.com (ceased operation), BeeCrazy.hk (ceased operation), CNNGo.com (rolled under CNN Travel), SheratonMacao.com, ParkHotelGroup.com, Gritus.com, DukDuk.io and more 🙂
  • Specialties — Innovation, CRM, Digital Marketing, Marketing Strategies, Product Development, Training, Change Management


  • Passions — Digital Innovation, Sustainable Lifestyle, Change & Improvements, eSports, Travel, Art
  • Loves of My Life — Japanese Culture, Good Food, Laughter, Close Friends & Family